TLSI @ the National Children's Hospital

May 4, 2017 -- The Little Swallow (TLSI) spent the afternoon at National Children’s Hospital (NCH) in Quezon City and gave 30 patients some bags of pastries and healthy drinks. They also extended financial assistance to some indigent patients who are in need of some urgent procedures and food supplements.

Ms. Joyce Moya, officer of the social services department of the hospital, introduced the patients and briefed TLSI representatives of their situations.

TLSI representatives were able to talk to several patients and their parents/ guardians as well.

The patients from National Children’s Hospital are suffering from various diseases such as cancer, hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, and nephritis.

As of May 5, 160 of these patients are indigent and unable to support several procedures which are not available in NCH and have to be done in other private hospitals such as St. Lukes.

Joyce from the Social Services relayed the need for baby carriers and IgCo colostrum food supplement.

The patients’ guardians are in need of baby carriers to be used in transporting the patients from their house to the hospital since public utility vehicles do not accept riders who are in wheelchairs.

The Little Swallow urges everyone to extend a helping hand to these children in need by visiting the hospitals and directly extending assistance to the patients in need and/or course it thru