Helping Bahay Aruga

PART 1: OCTOBER 4, 2015

The kids @ Bahay Aruga receive free treatments such as chemotheraphy & radiotheraphy from the Philippine General Hospital. Since most of them come from poor families from the provinces, they do not have the financial resources to stay in Manila during the duration of their treatments. Bahay Aruga fulfill that important need for them. While in the shelter, they go regularly to the hospital for their treatments and stay in the shelter during the duration.

The Little Swallow brought foods for 50 people, drinks, biscuits in pails, etc.

During this visit/event, the Great Maestro Fernando Cena and his Team also conducted his free art workshops for the kids--something that he has been doing for many years.

The volunteers from TLSI came from HanCole. Some few volunteers and friends of TLSI came along as well. Rommel who brought along his family gave toys and clothes to the kids.

PART 2: OCTOBER 29, 2015

TLSI again came back to Bahay Aruga on October 29. This time, they brought the much needed medical supplies and equipment donated by a friend & Fil-Am nurse from USA (Ms. Tagle).

TLSI also brought along a wheel chair and nebulizer from donated by TLSI friends & local donors (Ms. Ning & Ms. Ruth Marie).

They also brought along some snacks for the kids and parents.