August Outreach: National Children's Hospital

The Little Swallow Inc. outreach program for the month of August was held at the National Children Hospital.   The hospital has been a regular beneficiary of our outreaches even before our organization started. Most of the patients are in need of financial assistance for special apparatuses required for their treatment, laboratory tests, medications and daily needs. With the assistance of social workers and staff in NCH we were allowed to visit wards, talked to patient’s parent/guardian and helped us choose our beneficiary whom we feel are in most need at the moment.

Pediatric Ward
•    Patient (1) is a 1-2 weeks old baby with liver infection (yellowing of skin and eyes) that needs a respirator to help him breath.  The respirator is being rented for Php1500/day.
•    Patient (2) whose mother is unemployed and was left with no relatives and no one to help her here in Metro Manila. The hospital provides for both her and her baby’s medical requirements.  What she needs is her daily food and other necessities.   She has been staying in the hospital for more than one month and undergoing treatment for post partum disorder.

Neurology Ward
•    Patient (3)  fell from a tree on 2007. It is only after 7 years that he has experienced the effect of the accident such as seizures, loss of consciousness and difficulty in walking. He needs to undergo cranial CT scan to determine his exact condition and to prescribe the right treatment for him.
•    Patient (4) is an indigent malnourished boy from Jala-jala Rizal.  He has lost all his strength and was prescribed to be fed with Pediasure until he regained his strength and meets the prescribed weight for his age.  Pediasure price range are 400g – P400++ / 900g – P900++ / 1.8kg – P1, 800++.